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Universal Credit - Transition From Live To Full Service

Further Regional Workshops to be announced shortly for early in 2018.

Also in high demand for In-House bookings for the early part of 2018 so please reserve your preferred dates well in advance.

The accelerated roll-out of “full service” UC from October 2017 presents considerable challenges to local authorities, social landlords and other stakeholders.  Our new Workshop provides the very latest information about Universal Credit for local authorities, social landlords and advisors, looking at the issues presented by the transition from live to full service.

An Introduction To Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction (2 Day Workshop)

London - Wednesday & Thursday, 31st January & 1st February, 2018.  

Kingsley Thistle Hotel,  (Holborn / Bloomsbury - Near the British Museum.)

London - Tuesday & Wednesday, 8th & 9th May, 2018.

City Centre Hotel Venue.

(Bloomsbury / Holborn / Russell Square area).

Please book early for this Workshop as it usually over-subscribes.

For many years our "Introduction To Housing Benefit & CTR" Workshop in London has been very well received by all those attending, as either new starters to the benefits world, or simply wanting a refresher course on all the key issues. 

Housing Benefit & Council Tax For Owners (Directors) Of Small Private Companies

London - Tuesday, 16th January, 2018. 

City Centre Hotel Venue.

(Bloomsbury / Holborn / Russell Square area).

One of our most asked about areas of Housing Benefit has been how to calculate income and capital for claimants who work for a company in which they own a significant shareholding – namely people who have set up their own ‘limited company’ that is often just a small business enterprise run from home. This Workshop looks in detail specifically at the issues involved when assessing or advising on housing benefit claims from people who set up their small business and become ‘company directors’.

Taking Housing Benefit Appeals To Tribunals

London - Wednesday, 7th February, 2018.  

City Centre Hotel Venue.  (Bloomsbury / Holborn / Russell Square area).

Our comprehensive ‘HB Appeals’ Workshop is aimed at both local authority Benefits staff and those representing claimants in HB appeals who prepare and/or present HB appeal cases. Delegates should have a reasonable knowledge of HB generally, but the content is suitable for both new and experienced staff involved in the appeals process.

Housing Benefit & Supported Accommodation: A Guide To Supported Accommodation Case Work

Nottingham - Tuesday, 20th March, 2018.    

Manchester - Wednesday, 21st February, 2018. 

City Centre Hotel Venues.  

A completely revised Workshop for 2018 now aimed specifically just at staff from Local Authorities. (We now offer an alternative programme that is more focussed on the issues of importance to providers of supported accommodation -  e.g. Housing Association staff).  Supported accommodation continues to generate complex and time-consuming case work for local authorities. This Workshop looks at the process of deciding whether supported accommodation schemes fall within the “exempt accommodation” definition and, if they do, establishing whether charges are reasonable. The target audience for the Workshop are Local Authority HB decision makers, as the focus is on case work and prevention of abuse.

More Topics, Dates & Locations To Be Announced Here For 2018 Shortly:

Housing Benefit Advice & Social Housing For EEA Nationals:

Current Rules And A Look Ahead To 2019 

Dates and venues for 2018 to be announced shortly. 

Constantly Being Updated With All The Very Latest Information! The UK will leave the EU in 2019, but in the meantime European citizens in the UK continue to have access to benefits and social housing as long as they have a “right to reside” in the UK. It remains vitally important for decision makers, advisors and social landlords to stay on top of this complex and ever-evolving subject. This Workshop is suitable for people who need a working knowledge of how European claimants and their family members can access means-tested benefits and give appropriate advice to claimants without necessarily having to consult complex source material or compile legal submissions. Ideal for benefits assessors, social housing allocation officers, homelessness officers, income management and customer contact staff involved in benefits advice.  (Including a helpful Desk Top Aid.)

Housing Benefit – Eligibility, Commerciality & Contrivance

Dates and venues for 2018 to be announced shortly. 

A Workshop covering a range of important topics and which looks at some of the most contentious areas of Housing Benefit for both assessors and advisors alike. This Workshop looks at the HB rules governing questionable tenancies, with particular emphasis on the factors to take into account when deciding whether a liability is on a commercial basis and/or has been created to take advantage of the HB scheme.       

Housing Benefit For Self-Employed Claimants

Dates and venues for 2018 to be announced shortly. 

An often confusing topic for people, this Workshop looks at how to calculate income and capital for benefit claimants who work for themselves as a self-employed sole trader.        

Further Topics for Regional Workshop dates in 2018 to be announced shortly.