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Do you need some help with an in-house project, or perhaps an Appeal submission including attendance at a Tribunal?  We can arrange for Peter Barker to provide assistance if required. Rates are subject to the nature of the work required, location, and how much can be done on-site / off-site. 

Please email us in the first instance with an outline of what you may require.           

Peter Barker

Peter (ncknamed the "HB Anorak") has worked in the field of benefits since 1985, and first became a local authority Appeals Officer over 25 years ago. His previous posts include working for the Citizens Advice, Westminster City Council and the Local Government Ombudsman, where he edited the in-house Housing Benefit practice note.      

He combines a wealth of first-hand experience with expert knowledge of adjudication legislation, and has a real enthusiasm for the topic. He now works as a Researcher & Trainer for Zebra Training Services, and as an independent appeals presenter/submission writer and specialist adviser.

Peter regularly presents at both First-tier and Upper Tribunals and he is well-known to Housing Benefit practitioners from his published materials and regular contributions to discussion forums. Peter has earned a reputation for his expert understanding of particularly complex and troublesome Benefits topics including the decisions and appeals adjudication framework, property & trust law, and supported accommodation. His knowledge, expertise and courses on European Rights of Residence and dealing with benefit claims from persons arriving from overseas is widely recognised throughout the country as second to none.     

In 2014 Peter came to national prominence following his discovery of two loopholes which allowed tens of thousands of claimants to avoid the Maximum Rent (Social Sector), more commonly known as the ‘bedroom tax’. 

More recently he has developed his widely acclaimed Universal Credit courses which explain in detail how this new benefit works for claimants. In addition to UC and complex subjects such as those referred to above. Peter offers training across a full range of Benefits topics including dealing with claims from students, small business owners (self-employed and private company owners), and courses on supported housing, human rights issues and HB appeals.

Peter is an expert on the decisions and appeals adjudication framework and European Rights of Residence. He has a detailed knowledge of case law and he has developed a methodology for resolving disputes about supported and exempt accommodation. For many years Peter has represented local authorities on Housing Benefit appeals cases on a wide variety of issues in England, Wales and Scotland - at both First-tier and Upper Tribunal level and Scotland at both First-tier and Upper Tribunal level. Tribunal Judges frequently comment on the high quality of Peter’s submissions. 

Peter has presented hundreds of courses over many years and his analytical skills and enthusiasm for his subject are unmatched.

Housing Benefit Subsidy Consultancy

Do you need some advice or assistance with your Housing Benefit Subsidy preparations?

Our well-known and highly respected expert in this subject, Andy Thurman, can provide all the necessary training and support required to ensure your claims are correct and maximised! 

 Rates are subject to the nature of the work required, location, and how much can be done on-site / off-site.  Please email us in the first instance with an outline of what you may require.           

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