Do You Require A Welfare Benefit Training Workshop In-House?

Let us bring one of our Training Workshops to your own Training Room!

If you have a group of 5-16 of your own staff requiring a Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Training Workshop then you may wish to consider us providing one of these ‘in-house’ at your own training venue just for your own staff members. Most of our Workshops can be provided on this basis, and when it is for staff all from the same organisation it gives the opportunity to then ‘tailor’ a course to cover or focus more on specific issues, or even look at some of your own cases that may have been giving problems. We can provide training on most Housing Benefit, Council Tax and Welfare Reform topics, or can 'tailor' a programme to your specific training needs.      

We are constantly updating and developing new Workshops to respond to changes in Housing Benefit Rules, Legislation and Tribunal decisions, so they always reflect the very latest changes. Our Regional Workshops are arranged at convenient town and city centre hotel venues throughout the year, but most can also be offered to an individual local authority, housing association or other organisation who have a larger group[of staff requiring the training.

Some of the Workshop training topics that you may be interested in us providing include:

  • Welfare Reform & Universal Credit (Various Workshops for all levels of staff)
  • Introduction To Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit (2, 3 and 4 Day Workshops)
  • Dealing With Housing Benefit Enquiries - For Contact Centre Staff / Customer Services Staff
  • Housing Benefit Adjudication – Revisions & Supersession
  • Housing Benefit – Good Housekeeping & Effective Dates
  • Dealing With HB Claims From The Self-Employed
  •  Dealing With HB Claims From Owners (Directors) Of Small Companies
  • Supported Housing & Understanding the HB Exempt Accommodation Rules  
  • Supported Accommodation: Rent Setting, Service Charges & HB – For Social Landlords 
  • Benefit Entitlements For Claimants Arriving From Overseas (2 Days)
  • Welfare Benefits & Social Housing For People From The European Economic Area
  • Benefits For Persons From The EEA – A ‘Key Issues Master Class’ For Senior Officers
  • HB Overpayments & Backdating – Managing & Minimising Debt  
  • Housing Benefit Contrivance, Commerciality & Fraud
  • How To Prepare For HB & CTRS Appeals At First Tier Tribunals 
  • Challenging A First Tier Tribunal Decision – Going To Upper Tribunal  
  • HB Issues For Single People & Vulnerable Young People 
  • HB Entitlements For Students
  • Human Rights & Social Security Benefits
  • Housing Benefit Subsidy For Assessors
  • Housing Benefit Update – Keeping Track of all the latest Rule Changes & Tribunal Decisions!  

Please contact us further details on any of these Workshops. if you would like any of them presented in-house just for your own staff members, or would like us to provide a ‘tailored’ programme,  we will be pleased to try and assist. Our fee is very competitive – for example, a two-day course for 16 people could cost less than just £75 per person a day with all travel and other expenses included. Please note that we are often fully booked for many weeks in advance so please contact us to arrange your dates at least a couple of months before the training is required.       

We charge a fixed daily fee which includes the cost of course preparation, welcome packs, comprehensive course notes, and when required all the overnight accommodation, expenses and travel for the tutor. If you book two or more consecutive days, or a series of Workshops over a few months, then discounts will be applied. You will therefore know the exact total cost from the outset, and will not get any nasty surprises for 'expenses' which can sometimes arise on invoices from other training providers!   You can contact us outlining your requirements and the approximate date that you will be considering to arrange a Workshop by email at: